Our Services

Our professional services include the preparation of feasibility estimates and development appraisals, Concept and Developed Design estimating, competitive tendering and negotiation, procurement and contractual advice and producing schedules of quantities. We specialise in financial reporting, cost control, interim valuations and agreement and settlement of accounts.

Feasibility Study Phase

  • Conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility estimates using rough quantities or detailed quantities.
  • Third party estimate reviews and due diligence studies.
  • Risk assessments.

Cost Planning

  • Influence cost and savings throughout the entire project life cycle.
  • Conceptual phase.
  • Pre-feasibility phase.
  • Feasibility phase.
  • Implementation phase.
  • Comparison of construction drawings with feasibility drawings prior to issue to contractor.
  • Implementation of effective site variation procedures.
  • Prompt final account settlement after construction completion by applying Running Final Account during the construction phase.

Pre-contract Phase

  • Concept Design estimates.
  • Value Management.
  • Developed Design estimates.
  • Procurement strategies.
  • Contract advisory service, including advice on contracting strategy and forms of contract.
  • Escalation assessments, Cash flow schedules, Contingency advice.
  • Schedule of quantities of all types. We believe the increased reach to subcontractors and suppliers, the reduction of tender prices received, providing an even playing field to all tenderers, shortening the tendering process and increasing the quality of tenders received, together with providing a pre- start agreed basis for change request pricing and basis for payment claims, more than offsets the capital cost of preparing the Schedule of Quantities. In addition a Schedule of Quantities provides an independent cross-check of construction documentation prior to tender.
  • Commercial and financial tender evaluation. 
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Tender evaluation, adjudication and recommendation

Post-contract phase

  • Contract administration, including costing and agreements of site instructions/variation orders, contractual claims assessment, negotiations and settlement, contract modifications/amendments.
  • Monthly progress payment valuations.
  • Preparing estimates of cost for proposed variations for client decision-making.
  • Cost management; including cost planning, budgeting and cost control.
  • A formal cost reporting system is utilised to keep the Client informed of the status of the project every step of the way.  Detailed monthly cost reporting change status including all approved and pending / anticipated variations, status of variations and provisional sums and contingency level remaining, applying a Running Final Account process during the construction phase.

Final account phase

  • Final account agreement.
  • Financial/commercial close out.


  • Project monitoring - banks/insurance/investors.
  • Employers Agent – On Design and Build Contracts Clients need an agent who understands construction, building contracts and costs to act on their behalf.